No plane: 50 Jahre Rolling Stones

Freitag, 13 Juli 2012 | gefunkt von Mario Alexander Weber

I hear the telephone that hasn't rung

(Tell me – 1964)

Get me on flight number 505

(Flight 505 – 1966)

And your skirt would come down, it would cover your feet!
If I said, "It's not camp to wear Tiffany lamps"

(Who’s driving your plane? – 1966)

Where can I get my ass fucked?

(Cocksucker Blues aka Schoolboy Blues – 1970)

Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it

(It’s only Rock’n’Roll – 1974)

Did you ever see 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre'?

(Too much blood – 1982)

I'm faithful as a swan

(Terrifying – 1989)

And I got my ears

(Gunface – 1997)

The moon is yellow but I'm like jello
Staring down your tits

(Oh no, not you again – 2005)


(Ein Helikopter fliegt am Vorabend eines Gigs in Bratislava spontan 24 Akkustikgitarren für Keith Richards ein)


Mario Alexander Weber

Pilot & Listenbeauftragter
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